It is well recognized that there are different personality types and at WhiteWater, with the help of a child psychologist and academic research, we’ve identified that there are also different play types. What delights a Dreamer will not excite a Challenger.

But what type are you? Click the link to complete a fun 10 question profiling survey to learn what type of play is most fun for you.

WhiteWater understands that everyone enjoys play differently and we design products with that in mind. From Adventurers to Challengers, Socializers to Dreamers, we have attractions to bring play to life for everyone encouraging them to stay to play in your park for longer.

People tend to have preferences for one type of play over another, yet most of us combine several types of play to meet our leisure and social needs. Learning about play personalities can also provide valuable insights into the behavior, needs and psyche of your guests and patrons. We’ve developed a report which explains the characteristics of these play types which helps you evaluate the impact and effectiveness a particular attraction or ride will have for a particular guest population. Click here to register for the report.